Friday, June 13, 2008


Of all the pictures I've seen by him, this one is my fav'

He won a prize for best mediteranean architecture pic

He's well known for his black and white photographs
Speaks for itself!

Fouad was born in Maroc 31 rainy seasons ago, while he was set on being a
graphic designer, he was actually going to school for that, he fell in love w/photography..His camera became his best friend, he even dropped out of school for an entire year to pursue his passion...
Well this is one time when gambling was a good thing, he has since then been invited to Rome, Germany, Mali , Slovenia to showcase his amazing work....

He works btw Maroc and Paris , last year he did a big expo of his work w/5o pieces, they are the result of his stay in Paris for 9 months..through his work , he hopes to share his maroco-frenchie identity and perception of things.... Last december, he took part to the 7th Rencontres de la Photographie Africaine , missed it though...

His work has also been published in various docs, last year he received the first prize in Spain for the International Digital International Photography Competition, in 2006 he received the prize Regards Croises...basically u get it he's doing his thang:)

Here's his official webbie:

Djaaa my brothas from Maroc sont dedans aussi:)

Eyeee Wayeee:)