Friday, June 27, 2008


Some people compare this young Frenchie Congolese brotha of just 23 years old to the Great Mohamet Ali, one for his subtle ressemblance w/the boxing champ , and secondo for his ability to come back stronger every time people want to write him off.

Kinda like Tiger, Serena , & Venus, Wilfried has the chance to have 1 father who's very supportive of his career, indeed Wilfried states on his personal webbie that one of his greatest joy was to have his father and mother with him when he played the US Open in 2003.It's important to add that as 1 junior he was Numero 2 & has played 3 major grand slam events.

Unfortunately in 2004 started a dark period for the curly hair brotha w/various knee injuries that didn't stop from playing and offering great sportmanship to his fans when he played w/the former Numero UNO of the tennis world Andy Rodick in 2007 , even though he didn't win he showed Andy what African brothas are made of ....besides that the world noticed him period.

Along his career, Tsonga had the change to play against some of the greatest players such as Nadal (he beat him 6–2, 6–3, 6–2 @ the 08 Australain Open) Gascet,Youzhni,Dokovik.

As of today he's forced to have knee surgery even though that's the last thing a player would like to do, bt he knows that he has to heal. Apart from playing tennis he enjoys spending time w/his little lady, and their respective families.

He enjoys fishing and is a big fan of Yanick Noah, Venus Williams among others....
He recognises that he can be a big agressive on the court ;he calls that side of him Mr Hyde and would like to control a bit more...

Anywhoo I wish this young man continuous success,great and prompt recovery:)
Hoping to see @ the Olympics:)

Here's his webbie:
Another fan webbie w/English translation:
Here's a clip of his game against Nadal:
Here's an interview of the brotha on his qualification to the Australian Open:(cute French accent)

Djaa my brothas from Congo sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Anonymous said...

I like him so much...
Il est trop sexy le gamin, dommage qu'il ne soit pas (encore?!)constant dans les courts!

i am Africa™ said...

It's incredible how much he looks like Ali ! He's gonna be big !!