Saturday, June 28, 2008


Au Naturel

Go Tshuma!

She reminds me of JanelleM.

Elegant look!

Aight sis!

Long legs, brown roasted complexion, deep stare, full lips was there anyway for Trump to deny the sista? don't think so!!!!!
After winning the Botswana International Model Expo, Tshuma was given 1 chance to prove herself on the International runaway, & that w/the blessings of her mother who never knew that one day her daughter would be pursuing the modeling path....

So if you see the sista on ads , internally smile and say dang we are beautiful!!!!

Djaaa my sistas from Botswana sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeeeee Wayeeee:)


Anonymous said...

Hi Yaye. Thanks for your blog, I'm a regular visitor and I enjoy it. I'd like to ask you whether you could do more interviews and I'd start by you. Yes, you, lol. If you don't mind, I'd appreciate if you could answer the following questions: 1) tell us about your cultural and educational background, 2) tell us about your past/current professions, 3) you are african because..., 4) countries visited and those you want to visit, 5) advantages and disadvantages of moving back to Senegal, 6) sacrifices you've done or are willing to do for your country/continent, 7) aspects of your culture that are dear to you, 8) what kind of fabulafricana woman are you? 9) being Muslim with your background and where you live means 10)favourite african food- inlcuding those you can and cannot make, 11) causes you would support in Africa, 12)favourite artists, painters, writers, 13) dressing style/fashion that defines you, 14) how has your perspective on Africa changed since this blog, 15)Africans you have the most admiration for, 16) you are more likely to marry an African man because, 17) your ideal wedding ceremony Africa style.
Thanks in advance

HK_USP_45 said...

Wow, she's beautiful. I've never seen her before.

I love your website. I'm not a woman, I'm not African, I'm not even black. But I love to come here to admire the beautiful women that you honor on your site.


Yayemarie said...

lol je sens du canada dans cet interview fafa est ce ke cest toi lol?

Yayemarie said...

thank u hk,this just confirms that beauty is universal period:)
thank u:)