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Gilbert was born in war torn country Rwanda, and had to unfortunately experience the consequences of this African ravaged country. He found refuge in Zaire as a teenager....and later on moved w/his family in France.
In his book "Le Passe devant soi" he gives a voice to himself and to others through the personages of Niko and Isaro, Niko is from an african country which name has not been provided who've participated actively to the war while Isaro left her ravaged country and was adopted in France..

What's interesting about this fiction is that, Gilbert didn't know how far his personnages were gonna go, some of the most cruel scenes he wrote he said , he can't read was so powerful that he had 2 somewhat convince himself that he didn't write them...
He said that writing this book, allowed him to understand better the suffering of his people

Gilbert won the Prix Roman Ouest France and a bonus of 10,000 Euros , not a bad for a first novel.The 27 years old writer was really serious about his writing and during the time he took to write his first fiction, he stayed at a monastary to stay connected to his personnages. He describes it as a beautiful and very demanding experience that he will cherish for the rest of his life...

Here's an interview in French of the brotha:
Here's another more complete interview if interested: I wish him the very best and will be looking for this book!

Djaa my brothas from Rwanda are talented:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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nywele said...

Thanks for the post. I am passionated about literature and will look into this book.
I've been reading Yolande Mukagasana