Tuesday, June 03, 2008


La go de Guinea qui n'a peur de rien , Miss Sia:)

My Fav' - Sydney reppin for Cameroun en pleine force:)

Woly reppin for Senegal, this young mumy of 2 left a lasting impression on the judges, because of the originality she showed by singing w/a lot of passion a Senegalese song:)

Joel the fav' of the crowd..well he's from Gabon and the show is recorded in Libreville:)
The cutie from Bamada, miss Binetou:)
I hope they'll pick better songs for her in the future...

Mista Gael from Benin, he sounds good actually

The shy and sweet Christelle from Congo

Rico le faroteur d'Abidjan, the R& B guy

Aight so there's this cool tv reality tv show a la American Idol w/8 contestants from Africa, rather West Africa ....It's the same concept except that they will start eliminating people on the 4th show...

I thought it was nice, they had 3 judges, 1 of my fav' singers miss
Annie Flore Batchiellily who hails from Gabon, 1 spunky and laid back Togolese model named Diane Bodjona , and the last judge is B
ernard Lebeau who's a choreographer, dancer who's from les Antilles.

Every week, a guest judge will join the others and offer advices.
Last week the 2 musical guests were invited; Cesaria Evoria
and singing duo Amadou & Mariam ..I thought it was cool that they invited singers from different backgrounds because for exple people from Benin who may never have heard Malian or Cap Verdian music could experience it....

The contestants are from Benin, Mali, Senegal, Togo , Ivory Coast, Guinea, Congo and Gabon where the event is being held.
The MC is Mista Claudy Siar, the name may sound familiar, he's a well known DJ, radio personality , writer and a lot of Congolese and singers from Ivory Coast pay him respect on their songs...

Each contestant sing sone song solo, they also do duos w/the musical guests...
I was really entertained and can't wait to see the next episode, for now my fav' contestant is Mista Sydney (Cameroun represent) who has a beautiful beautiful voice...

The Webbie is:

Djaa we African people can get together and do some beautiful things :)

Eyeee Wayee:)

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