Monday, March 24, 2008


Charlize T..toute zango..:)

Miss Theron and her dude this past month

Charlize doin the winter look

Haven't checked on Miss Oscar, SAG, Golden Globe Awards winner in 2004..yep she got all of them boyz..:)

She's currently starting in the movie "Sleepwalking" in which she plays the role 1 of woman who's emotionaly instable and leaves her 12 year old daughter to the care of her brotha..the movie was well received @ the Sundance film festival...

Be on the look out for her in july of this year in the movie Hancock, w/for lead role Mr Will Smith..I see homeboy is being the lead of couple of movies this year..great for us people of beautiful chocolate color.
She'll also be playing in the film adaptation of the Pulitzer winner book
"The Road"

Go Miss Theron:)

Here are the webbies for the movies:

Here's the trailer for Sleepwalking:

Djaa my SA Women are truly in the Fabulafricana mix:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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