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It's true to say that being metisse=mixed (in English) is not always an easy thing, sometimes mixed people don't really know w/which side they truly belong 2, when in all reality they belong to both, they're both black and white...We all can agree that sometimes the society we live in makes it even more difficult for them to blend in..that's why this book by Sarah Bouyain "Metisse Facon" seemed interesting.

But let me set the actual background, during colonial times in Burkina Fasso , French officials would have children w/Burkinabe women that they will not recognize afterwards, the same thing happened here in Senegal and these women are called "Signare".

In Sarah's case her grandmother was one of those childs that her grandfather a local Burkinabe married in order to belong to the high class society, (you know that complex that we African people sometimes have )her father then married her mother who is a French woman.

Sarah acknowledges the fact that at a younger age she didn't really accept her father, that being even more stressed out by the fact that they were living in France.

Sarah being of a fair complexion could easily pass for 1 white woman, but growing up meeting her father's friends , she discovered that she was proud of her African origins and wanted to know more and more...

She wrote this book "Metisse Facon"in 2003 that deals w/le metissage...
However Sarah is not only a writer, she's also a film maker, have you ever seen the movie Leon by Luc Besson..well guess what Sarah was his 2nd assistant.

She also made her own documentaries, "Niaraye", and the very interesting "Les Enfants des blancs"which recounts her grandmother's story.
You can buy her book at
Here's a clip from the doc "Les Enfants du Blanc"
Kudos to this courageous and passionate sista..good job Sarah Bouyain..

Also I wanted 2 share this wonderful bloggie about Mixed People: (well done)
Here's an online mag also for mixed women:

There's also this webbie for mixed couples:

Djaa my Burkinabe Women sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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