Saturday, March 15, 2008


Miss Mamawa Fofana

Mamawa is the 2nd on left

Mamawa & another contestant

Ok the mission of the Miss Liberia pageant reads :
"Our goal is to develop women who seek to improve the lives of others, as well as achieve their personal goals. Under the leadership of The Liberian United Women in Progress (LUWIP), the Miss Liberia in the U.S Organization is partnering with community based groups to continue to give Liberia a voice right here in the United States. Because of these and many other endeavors, Miss Liberia in the U. S is goal oriented, career savvy and a beautiful young woman. She is culturally aware, charismatic, spiritually sentient, educated, and intelligent; and all of these characteristics are personified in her everyday life."

Beautiful mission right, well Miss Mamawa Fofana responds to this description since she was voted Miss Liberia in the US for the years 07/08..She's a
mechanical engineering student at Delaware University, she seems very active on campus where she's an acitve part of the BSU -Black Student Union.

She chose drug & alcohol education campaign as a platform, because of the consequences of the civil war on those children that were forced to use these substances during those atrocious times...
Mamawa wants 2 go back to Liberia and give back when she's done w/school, she was born and grew up in America but feels in her heart that it is her duty to share what she's learned w/her people..honorable mission...wishing you the best miss Fofana:)
Here's the official page for the Miss Liberia Contest:
Here's the webbie of a Liberian pageant lover: (well informative)
Djaa my Liberian sistas sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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