Sunday, March 16, 2008


Here she comes , finally ready to be the head of the
French /Canadian Urban pop scene, Zaho was born in Algeria 27 rainy seasons ago, of her life of Algeria she remenbers running around w/the boyz in her neighberhood, she recalls the beautiful education that her parents both intellectuals gave, her ..Today gearing up to be the new

R&B/Pop/Hip Hop Queen w /1 zest of her Algerian roots ..
But she's ready now, truly ready, she's been courted for 1 while by music peeps in Canada but she wanted 2 wait for the right oportunity that came in the singer Idir. She had written the lyrics for the song "Tout ce temps" and had asked him if he would do her to honor to sing the song , Idir agreed w/1 condition that she sang it w/him and the rest is history..

Her album has people calling it "crazy""1 truc de ouf" as we Urban people would say when we want 2 say that we love 1 projectt..Zaho shares that feeling of missing her land that just immigrants can understand, u know how it is being away from mother Afikira and missing the colors, the sounds, the people..ect..there's nothing better than our land!!

Anywhoo here's her webbie:

Her video for "Lune de Miel" love both the song & video:

Her video for "Hey Papi":

Djaa les gos d'Algerie sont more fiyaa:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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DayDreamer said...

AHHH!!! Absolutely LOVE her music! I own her album "Dima" and it is amazing! She has a new one I think set to come out this year. I don't know when though.

If you care, you should also check out Amel Bent. Her music is so filled with emotion... She rivals even Zaho.