Monday, March 17, 2008


Miss Aidelaide Damoah

A self-portrait

Love according to Adelaide

What if Naomi Campbell was 1 white woman

Beckham , 1 black man?

Alexis our fav' soap opera vilain a black case u don't recognize her it's Joan Collins

Kate Moss, a Fabulafricana?

La dame de fer, Thatcher 1 black woman

Adelaide became 1 painter sorta by accident, she was suffering from Endometriosis (I'm gonna have 2 do 1 post about this disease it seems 2 affect a lot of women such as my gal Marian from the House of Style) instead of just dwelling on her atrocious pain she took 1 canvas and started painting kinda like her hero Frida Khalo (by the way if you haven't seen 2 movie about her life , do som' about it) .
She has 3 actual collections in her online Art Gallery called Damoah Arts:

-Black Brits-this is the collection that made her 1 household name in the Uk..In this collection she asked herself and the rest of the world would we still love those Brits celebs if they were black..interesting concept.

-Faces: Adelaide has always been facinated w/faces that she saw in the streets, and decided to pain friends, strangers and herself.
-Abstract Love: In this collection she let her brush guide her and translate her raw emotions in paint...

She's working on 1 collection called "Supermodels??" kinda challenging the notion that a supermodel has to be super skinny to be beautiful..
She's also "hoping" to share w/us as many as 20 paintings this year, looking forward 2 it sista:)

Here's her webbie:

Here's 1 video presentation of Adelaide and her work:

Djaa my Ghanaian sistas sont dedans aussi deee:)
Eyeee Wayyeee:)

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