Sunday, March 16, 2008


Yummy poached pears
pic courtesy of qwrrty over at flickr

I wanted 2 make a quick dessert for my family, and didn't want 2 spend too much time in the kitchen, and I figured why not trying to make poached pears...It's 1 simple dessert idea and I thought I'll share it w/y'all within my new rubrique called
"THE FABULAFRICANA WOMAN KNOWS THAT IT HAPPENS IN THE KITCHEN" lol..anywhoo I dipped my pears in caramel but I'll give you the standard version of the recipes as well:

My version For 4 servings :

-You'll need 4 pears
- 5 cups of water
-lemon (I used a bit of lemon juice)
-2 1/2 cups of granulated sugar (use regular sugar if you don't have any daaa:)
-1 vanilla bean (sucre vanille my frenchies)

Let's Go:
-Boil the water w/the lemon and the vanilla bean for 5 minutes
-Peel the pears , cut them in beautiful halves , deep them in the water for 15 minutes
-In the meantime prepare your sauce caramel
-once your sauce is set deep in the pears so that they cook perfectly and have 1 beautiful taste
- Serve your pears hot and pour over them a bit of your poaching liquide

I would recomend serving them w/ 1 bit of vanilla ice cream on the side:)

Here's different versions of the same recipe:
(I like her version of it )
Even better 1 video recipe of those poached pears , aren't u so fortunate:
Djaa any Fabulafricana Woman knows that we gotta keep it going on in the kitchen:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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nneoma said...

thanks for the recipe and the suggestion to grace it with ice cream. I might try it when the weather gets a bit the way, have I told you how much I LOOOVE your blog! So informative, inspiring, interesting and much more. Keep on with it!