Thursday, March 20, 2008


"We're coming , we're coming for y'all world"

Anywhoo so happy 2 find an African Gospel singer from the Motherland doing his thing in Europe.Manou seems so young but he's a pastor in Pau, and a touring artist that goes out in the world to spread God's message..

He discovered God after 1 period of wondering what was the meaning of life, he was 1 "clubber" during those time of insouciance he always wondered why was he on earth..1 day after talking to 1 Christian friend of his who talked to him about God, he decided to give himself to God and love 1 Christian life:)

Manou and his crew a chorist, a DJ, and another singer prove that you could listen 2 a hard core hip hop beat w/some positive that he's not" faking " ...

I mean by it that he delivers his lyrics w/1 lot of energy which proves me that he stays true to his art.

Here's his webbie:

Here are some of his upcoming tour dates in Marseille:
Lieu : Marseille Sébastopole
Lieu : Marseille rassemblement de jeunesse

If you can't be there , check him out there: (Interview/part concert:)

Djaa my people from Cameroun are more fiyaaa:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Fa Sy said...

Hey sweetie,

How are you? I randomly checked my blog today between 2 take-home exams lol and saw your message. Goshhh, I miss blogging.Here is what's happening. Its my last semester in grad school and I am juggling between 5 classes,my fellowship and my job. Yes I know, sounds like fun :) And to make it worse, my company's been bought by a bigger company and they blocked our access to blogs from work, so I can't blog from work anymore. Also,I finish my classes at 9h45pm on a regular, so by the time I get home, I am so beat up that blogging is the last thing on my mind. I miss blogging but I just don't have the time anymore. I feel like I need more than 24 hours in a day grrr. Im so looking forward May! Just browsing your blog, I see that I've missed so many good things, you'keeping it up. I'm loving it but I can't even go through the whole thing right now, Im in middle of working on my 2nd exam and its 1:23 am lol. Anyhow, just stopped by to stay howdy and see how Dakar is treating you. It'd be interesting to have a post about your perspectives, thoughts upon arriving in Dakar and how the city is treating you.....Even though i'd need to find the time to read it lol. You can always email me at Take care now, till next time ! Love ya


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