Tuesday, March 25, 2008


The designer Ahmed Bel Assani and 1 model

Weekend a Fes-collection for men

Nice and simple

Sexy that's for sure

1 of my fav' pieces and it seems so comfortable:)

Ahh this one calls my name

Love the twist he brought to the djeliba

love the color combination..the flowers, green and orange ..nice cocktail!

Maroccan stylo

I love how his designs are wearable on a daily basis..they're not too "foufou"

love the colors

Another designer from the land of "des mille et une nuit", creator of beautiful djelibas, caftans, using silky fabric, putting together magically fabrics that usually don't match creating 1 beautiful and sensual firework against our skins..

He grew up part in Morocco and France thus the Western influence in his designs.
He's presented 3 collections this far, the latest one is his winter collection for the year 08/09 simply called "Weekend a Fes" so dreamy:)

Anywhoo here's his webbie:
Here's 1 video of his fashion show for his 08/09 winter collection:

Djaa my Moroccan people sont dedans aussi:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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guerreiranigeriana said...

it certainly doesn't hurt that the male models look soooo good!!!...nice designs...