Saturday, March 15, 2008


My fav' piece , love the olive green combination w/brown


Like this 1 too

Def' Afro proud

Cauris def' 1 symbol

This line was inspired to Ay'jah by her Guadelupian mumsey and her father who's from Ivory Coast, waouh Gaudeloupe+Ivory Coast..wanna be at one of their parties because I know people from these 2 countries know how 2 have fun:)
Sorry, lol going back 2 Ay'jah so 3 years ago she decided to follow through w/her passion of making "one of kind jewelry pieces" and the result is the
Afro'Ka Collection.

She uses calabash ,fabric, wood,cauris, leather..her line is very afrocentric...lovely pieces that will remind you and people around you of the motherland.

Oh and she also creates funky rings for men, picture frames...bref her line is pretty complete.

For those of you , who may want 2 visit 1 day the beautiful Island of Guadeloupe, here's 1 lovely webbie: (could be 1 great wedding destination) Guadeloupe is also the place of birth of soccer player Thiery Henry, as well as writer Maryse Conde ect...
Here's Ay'jah's webbie:

Djaa my sistas from Ivory Coast/Guadeloupe are more fiyaaa:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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