Saturday, January 26, 2008


I have yet to speak about this sista that we all know for her great energy, y'all must remenber "Buffalo Stance"..

Neneh w/all her bling anywhoo I haven't really followed her career in a while..this sista is just a free soul she touches to # kind of music,
trip hop, jazz, rock, soul, african beat, punk, funk..u name it if she feels it she does it..
She actually sings w/1 Swedish band by the name of Cirkus ,still works on her own stuff and whenever the vibe is right she never shyes from sharing her talent w/others, Youssou Ndour,Massive Attack,Michael Stipe from REM, Tricky and a bunch of others..reading her bio, Im left thinking that waouh this woman's life is so interesting, her father was 1 musician was from Sierra Leone, her mother is 1 Swedish painter, her sibblings are also in music by the way u may remenber this song : "Save tonight.." it used 2 be 1 of my fav' song late 90's it was by her brother Eagle -Eye Cherry and that was his real name for the record..

Her step father was an acclaimed musician Don Cherry who evolved at the same time as Miles Davis very early on Neneh was swimming in a musical world...
She has 3 daughters and is married to 1 producer /musician,Cameron McVey...

She just has great energy and I like the fact that she's not too self-centered to share the stage w/others and blend in a go Fullani Sista!!
The old school video for Buffalo Stance:(

The Wake Up Africa audio:

A video of her and the rest of Cirkus:

Eagle-Eye Cherry-Save Tonight's video:

Djaa my Sierra Leonan sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeeee:)

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