Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Miss Soha

Love the direction they were going w/for her promotional shoots

La go Tunisiene de Marseilles

As soon as I heard her voice before I even saw who she was I was like -
Who the hell is this??
Simply a North African /frenchie african sista from Tunisia...her sound is so sensual, old school, romantic, spicy..she tells 1 story and whether or not you understand the lyrics , the emotions delivered soothe you...
Sista gal grew up in Marseilles w/her 7 sibblings, they were all into music.
Miss Soha started her career doing dancehall ...before offering this musical gift where she blends in all her influences, jazz, latino sound, french pop, reggae...
A Star is Born:)

I'm feelin, feelin her, she has that "i don't need to be polished "thang about her..go chicka:)

Here's her myspace page:

Here's 1 video:

Djaa les gos de Tunisia sont more fiyaaa :)
Eyee Wayeeee:)

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Take a read of Mona, originally from Tunisia, now living and working in Paris, France.