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Safia at 1 Social Forum

Safia' book cover

Safia anh her youngest son

Safia and the former coach of her former hubby Guy Roux w/whom she still has 1 great relationship

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Aight so I read in a couple of hours the very interesting life of
Miss Safia Ibrahim Otokore, Otokore is the last name of her former hubby -
Didier Otokore who had in the early nineties a great career w/the soccer team of Auxerres & the National team of IC....Safia was born of Somalian parents and had 9 sibblings, because of the war the "Ibrahim family" moved to Djibouti and lived in poverty, not much food, not much hope, not much of anything except for "kat" a well-known drug that Somali men use...(my gal Samia from Somalia used to explain to me that it was very frequent for men to smoke it to forget their troubles and to socialise).....In Djibouti , Safia discovered running ,school and 1 of her greatest love "litterature"...Through her childhood and teen years the very intelligent Safia understood really quickly that her education and her athletic abilities were her keys to successs...She was very stuborn, ambitious and 1
"ride or die chick"....

Through a competition that would take her to Ivory Coast she fell in love w/freedom, w /a society less rigid than hers, after high school she was granted a scholarship which would take her first to Dakar (yeahh) then to Ivory Coast once again..during those years she played w/her feminity, friendship, liberty of expression and fell madly in love w/Didier Otokore..

I have 2 say that even though the book didn't end w/her & Didier staying together I have a lot of respect for this man who loved her honored, helped her and treated her like a man should...According to her, years later toward the end of his professional player career , when he convinCed her to move to Ivory Coast..he changed & became conservative very very possible...u know African men...but nevertheless from reading the book it was really clear that she had other ambitions ..she wanted to move back to France... after everything she's been through during her childhood , her excision(which no woman should have 2 face), the rigid education given by her parents, the poverty, this is a woman who needs to feel free at all times...anywhoo there is a lot more to her story but in conclusion she now lives in France w/her 2 sons and is well respected political figure within the social party le PS.

I loved the book (she gives a lot of personal info regarding her fam' ect), will recomend it , have 1 lot of respect for this woman even though I find her 1 bit calculative..but I understand..."to kill or to be killed".mmmmm

Here's 1 video clip :
You can also buy the book here w/Amazon:

Djaa les gos de Somalie sont more fiyaaa:)
Eyeee Wayeeee:)

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