Saturday, January 26, 2008


Feelin "fais moi bisou de Mokobe & Lewis" (la go Maimouna ne veut pas de moi) (u'll love it)

Okay Osi..Numero 72

Osi & Michael acting a fool
Reading & visiting children in need

Smile worthy of 41 Million hun

Osi at work


Hanging out w/the dudes

Yess 'oooooo naja boyz are at it again

First of all shout to my boy Moussa reppin for Niger- WWW.NIGER1.COM

thanks brotha for pointing out this cutie to me....!!

So Naija Boy, No 72 who plays for the GIANTS yesssay along the side of his defensive buddy Michael Strahan, the 2 are known to hang out , look out for each other and throw joint bday parties .if that's not friendship, was born in
London 26 years ago..yes he's jus 26 even though he looks quite impressive w/his 6ft2 and 261 lbs...
He's known to be a quick player , this will be his 2nd time at the Super Bowl this year...wanna talk $$ he has a 6 year contract w/the Giants for 41 million...

His Giants record reads -the most sacks in 1 game ..aight playa
Osi is also a regular on the NFL field , he has played in 45 regular seasons w/24 starts...

Anywhoo if u wanna know more about the brotha here's his page w/the GIANTS:
Here's his official webbie still in dev':
Here's 1 short interview of him:

Djaa my Naja Boyz can't stop hun:)
Eyeeeee Wayeee:)

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