Sunday, January 27, 2008


Miss Luam meme, the baddes Eritrean dancer out there

Miss Luam & Jigga man..

Tout en douceur

Performing w/Miss Pon de Replay

Part of the line "Wildchild Nation" ..there are some cool tees in their line

Her dance and business partner Traci dans le chaud aussi

l like how she rocked the tee

Traci again...dans le pink et baby blue

Part of the tee collection for dudes..hey valentine's day is getting closer:)

This chick is baddddddddddddd period.
1 big shout out to you Miss Faven Ressom reppin for Ethiopia/Eritrea/ATL...thanks sista for letting me know about this sis' ,maddddd appreciated...djereudeuf (as we say in Wolloff:)
So from what I gather Luam is 29 years old and she is co owner w/her business-buddies partners Traci & Mark of 1 clothing line w/an uplifiting message of "freeing the people"..of "listening to their iner passions and creativity" thus the name "Wildchild Nation" dabadaba..(not part of the tile just see me singing alond Dan Kamit ..see below this post)...anywhoo...

Luam has 1 degree in neurosciences mmm 1 brainy choreographer...:) at first she was working in her field while taking dance classes in NY (I miss that) one can say that what happened is that the "Wildchild Nation"'spirit took over her and she decided w/1 lot of gust to leave a stable salary to pursue dancing full time.. come to think of it she was also teaching at Djoniba NY (now I remenber but I never took her class unfort'...)
She's worked w/a lot of artists (Rihana she did some of her stage shows, Fergie,Nelly Furtado,Ciara, Rupee , Elephant Man...ectt), taught dance classes,
is still doing all these things while working on her line..

So here are her webbies : (thank u miss Faven:)
You can really see her skills on this 1:
This 1 is hot , but too short on 1 Beenie Man track loves it:
Another hot 1 on 1 Sean Paul track:
This chick is just bad:

Djaa my Eritrean sistas are reppin AFRICA to the fullest:)
Eyeeeee Wayeee:)

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