Thursday, January 10, 2008


Ok another Algerian sister that I am discovering, Miss Souad -beautiful name by the way was born in 197 in Algeria in a musically enclined family, 2 of her brothers evolve in music and her sister is a dancer. Souad spent her teen years between her studies -engineering and her music.

In the nineties she joined an Algerian rock band w/a social message: Atakor.
Our beautiful brunette & the rest of her band were the victims of death threats, Soaud had to cut her hair and be very careful in Algeria. This nefaste environment affected her mental, and Souad quit the band a few years later and found refuge in Paris. As they say God doesn't close all doors& in 2001 following a festival celebrating Female singers of Algeria , Souad was signed to a great record label...thus started the musical rebirth of Souad...and today even though she's far from her land she's repping more than ever for Algeria.....nice hein!!:)

Here's her official webbie:

Here's 1 video clip:(beautiful, sweet. yet passionate)

Djaa les gos d'Algerie sont more fire fiyaaa:)
Eyeee Wayeeeee:)

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BeautyinBaltimore said...

I am so loving the music on your blog.

How has the move back to Senegal been so far?

Anything you miss about the states?

Anything you glad to not seen anymore(from the states)?