Sunday, January 27, 2008


I don't think that I need to introduce this Rwandese by heritage artist, who's known for his poignant lyrics..for those of you who maky not know, this brotha lost his family during the Rwandese conflict and escaped toward Germany where he was born.These unfortunate circumstances brought a lot of sadeness and amertume toward some people in his country..not too long ago he kind shocked some of us when he said that he would no longer call Rwanda home...ahh it's so sad but I can feel him, if you've lost all your people in a country you may feel that way..we all know now about Rwanda..some people may be mad at his statement but hey we're not in his shoes..I wish him to find peace within himself, & I'm sure w/his wifey Sophia who's half Portuguese & Canadian this may be 1 start.

He signed at the end of last year 1 deal w/Motown Records and has 1 album in English..I hope the American market falls in love w/them as we all did...

Here's his webbie:

Here's 1 of my fav' old school song of his, "Reves de Star":
Here's 1 of his new songs called "Back to Life"
Here's the beautiful "Too much of Everything" w/his wifey:

Brotha wishing you good luck w/this album..I feel u...may this be 1 great start to recovery:)
Eyeeeee Wayeee:)

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