Saturday, January 26, 2008


Music my love: currently feeling miss Ray C from Tanzania , couldn't find her webbie..if anyone knows it pls send it to me:)

Here's the video for Wanifautia nini

1 Zambian gal on ice
Samantha & the rest of the ladies celebs

Miss Mumba at an event

Mumba & Charles Potter..not quite sure if they are still dating but they looked so great together that i couldn't resist..chorry:)

The 24 year old(so young) Irish/Zambian sista is currently on the UK show "Dancing on Ice"..she took 1 break from her musical career and is set to deliver 1 new album this we shall see.
Anywhoo she's enjoying her time there, and is seeing a positive change

In the meantime you can see her here:

Her myspace page is:

Here' 1 old school video for "Baby come on over"

Djaa my Zambian sistas are more fiyaaa:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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Sincerae (means "Morningstar") said...

While doing a search on Graca Machel-Mandela today, I discovered your blog and liked it so much that I added it as a link to my blog. It is refreshing to discover a blog with such interesting information. The flowers on an earlier post are beautiful.