Monday, April 30, 2007


** Feelin that song he had w/Shola Ama

The kids @ the Agape Orphenage having fun

Iman & Hubby at Premiere

The kids & A Keys at the Premiere

Chilling w/A Keys again

Love the jewellry and the this woman ...!!

A. Keys dans toute sa classe

The main character Slindele..such a nice pic!

This movie/documentary was featured at the Tribeca Film Festival last week and was the Audience movie winner..and I can understand why...It's the story of orphans of

AIDS victims who live in the Agape Orphanage in South Africa. This movie follows their lives for 3 years , it follows their joy, their sadness, their passion for music that allow them to go on in their lives as young children.

Here's a passage from the main cer's blog, Slindile Moya 16 years old:
She wrote this after she saw the movie...
"I liked the movie and I am so proud of myself and the children of Agape. I enjoyed it when I was watching it. The only thing that was painful was to see the sickness of my brother. I felt so sad when I saw him on the screen because it reminds me of him so much. But I still liked the movie and it was good. When we watched it for the first time it was just me and my family and we cried a lot. But it also made us laugh a lot so I like the film for that. I am so glad that lots of people will see our story and get to know us and I hope it will be able to help other children like us. I hope that the people overseas will like it as much as we did. One of the parts that makes me most sad in the movie is to see Sifiso’s funeral. It was so sad that after I saw it again in the movie I could not even talk about it with my friends at school. It makes me so sad because I felt very bad at his funeral.
But I think its important for people to see it in the film so they know what happens and know how painful it is.One of my favourite parts of the film is when we were in New York because it made me remember how happy we were. I also like seeing my younger brother Mtho in the film because he makes me laugh.I am so proud that I am in the movie and it has given me confidence. And I think it will lead me to have a better life. I’m so excited that the children of Agape and my family are going to be seen in the world. I enjoyed the movie because it shows me that we should be proud of all that we have done and tells me how strong I am and how strong my sisters are. I was so proud of them when I saw it and I hope it will be able to help many other children who have no parents like us."

Anywhoo if you can help in any kind of way, here's the official webbie for the movie:

Oh , and another cool thing this movie will be shown on HBO...can't wait...!!

And I also would like to note the devotion of A.Keys and Bono & Iman, it's easy to see that they are not doing it for the show..rather because they want to really kudos on a great job..may Allah reward them even more...



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