Thursday, May 10, 2007


*****Feelin Boomerang!!

The Designer making fun of himself:)

In this 1 ..Nicolas is basically kicking all immigrants out of France whether they like it or not

In this 1, Nicolas is basically holding all French peeps hostage

I am coming...I am coming...I am

I simply love to big up young creative African minds ...and this should be no personal friend Lamine Fall , Karda generation is an upcoming
graphic designer/ his work and wanted to feauture him on my bloggie..

In his following work, he's making fun of Nicolas Sarkozi

who's the NUMERO UNO DANGER FOR OUR AFRICAN IMMIGRANTS SISTAS & BROTHAS IN FRANCE know the deal he wants to be president but he doesn't hide the fact the he's
anti- immigration....

For more info on Sarkozy:

Anywhoo I'm gonna try to get Lamine to talk 2 me a bit more about his work and ambitions, stay tuned:)

Djahaa my Senegalese people are simply fierceeee:)
Eyee Wayeee:)