Thursday, April 26, 2007


*** Feelin "All my life..."

u better have 1 nice back 2 rock this dress:)

Very Simple & so elegant:)

I know some of the ladizz that come on my bloggie appreciate this feature...the girly in all of us love the "happily ever after fantasy" here are some nice wedding webbies I stumbled my Naja people...they sure are on the roll...when it comes down to this.....

Let's Go: (my fav' wedding webbie design..very original...) (cute & funky little couple) (i love their webbie design.. a bit #) (simple and loving young couple) (I love their honeymoon pics) (1 of the cutest couple 2 me ) (nice balance btw spunk and calm) (1 of my fav' wedding webbie ..lovely wedding)

That's it for now...hopefully it will inspire you to believe in love or to turn your wedding preparation in a fun process...

Djaa we African People are so romantic:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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Anonymous said...

lovely blog!
i loved the website!!!
i thot www.damisandtoyin. were the cutest couple..fresh but calm
the yettyand debo one,very beautiful wedding!