Tuesday, April 24, 2007


******** Feelin Kem , this cd is a classic

Ingrid with her son

Didn't I tell y'all that she was fierce

Video Doc'

One of her audio-video project

The use of the body in her work

WOW is the word I'm left with after learning more about this Kenyan photographer...quite interesting body of work I have to say. She was born in Kenya, of a German mama & a Kenyan father, she grew up in her daddy's land before moving to her mother's country.

She started exposing her work at the age of 23, her themes center around racism, discrimination, her anger in front of violence, her mixed heritage...

She uses her own body to give her messages, various body parts , abstract images....

She expresses the difficulties that come from being of mixed heritage, the racism that women like her face in Europe.
Her work includes video documentaries, photographs, sound installations...
it's funny but the image I'm left after seeing her work is of 1 rebel woman..it's loud but at the same time to me feels like a silent movie..hun..I don't know just my impression...

Her resume is crazyyyyyy..this woman is a hard worker..

She was a professor @ the Art Academy of Johannes Gutenberg...not quite sure if she's still teaching there as of now..

If you would like 2 see more of her work, here's her webbie:

Djaa Kenyan Women are Fierce:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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