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You can just tell by her body language that she's an oportunist

Money & Power hun....

Hey...I miss y'all...but Allah Is Good.... I'm Back:)

When I first heard that the spokesperson for Nicolas (openely discriminative by 2 way) Sarkozy who's a French candidate 2 the presidency , was from North African origin, I was to say the least curious, shocked, and wanted to find out more about this woman.

For those of you, who are from French speaking countries, y'all know a lot about Nicolas S....who's abs' against African Immigrants, like he says our smells, the way we act...if we left it to him there will be no people from African descant in France...anywhoo let's get to the matter @ hand..

So Miss Dati was born in very modest conditions, born from a Maroccan father and an Algerian mumsey in a family of 12. At a very young, "Miss la Beurgoisie"knew that she wanted to be succesful , while in school she will collect profiles of successful people , study their methods and even writte to them..

She was extremely ambitious and knew very young that she would do whatever it took to be successful, she wasn't ashamed of voicing her admiration towards those people...I'm gonna stop here for a minute and say ain't nothing wrong w/wanting to be successful but sometimes every success is not always positive success...

Before working w/Sarkozy she met throughout her life many succesful people who were drawn to her by her drive (let's be honest she's extremely driven...i'll give her that at least) she started at the age of 16 year old as a nurse, she also worked as an accountant with Elf & Matra Communication....

Not happy w/an already succesful career our little "power hungry woman" went on to law school. In 2002 after meeting Nicolas S. whose career and drive she's admired for a while, she writtes him and ask for a position...of course game recognises game...and also Nicolas knew that having an Arabic Woman, A daughter of Immigrants would look good for his there goes Rachida once again in a position of power...

She claims that she works w/him because he wants to better the condition of immigrants ..

Not too long she also caught heat for making a discriminative joke against her own kind when she didn't know that she was being taped

For those of you who speak French, here's the video link:

Eyee Wayee!!

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