Wednesday, April 11, 2007


********Feelin So Into You by Tamia...from back in 2 days

Designers for Fundudzi

Love the details on the shirt

Love the colors..I wonder how do they come up w/such interesting details

Nice Dress


Nice combination of colors


Fundudzi is One of my fav' African inspired Fashion Lines out there.

The line are always clean, the details beautiful , surprising, the fabrics..attractive and seem to be comfi ' for everyday use while still allowing you to feel elegant.

The name of the line was inspired by South Africa's own, the Lake Fundudzi which is a mystic site w/the vhaVenda tribe . They say that one can hear their ancestors drumming away underneath the water...waouh....(African & its Secrets)

Anywhoo the line has been created in 2004 around a diversified team of black & white people from SA...Their core audience are women who are fearless, a bit gypsi w/ a love for african inspired fabric,the modern woman who is still in touch w/a sense of tradionalism....
If that's you, check them out at:
Djaa African Inspired Clothe are Just Gorgeous:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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