Tuesday, April 24, 2007


****Feelin the Noah ...

Still buff hun...the sweater around the waste so french

Ohhh Daddy & Son...:)

He's like "yes son come on..."

Didn't I tell that he had an infectuous smile?!!:)

SAGA AFRICA!!...lol do you remenber this song by Yannick Noah...even if you are not familiar w/his music..you may be familiar w/his tennis skills.

In fact early on in the 80's Yannick was a tennis favorite in France, Europe and also for tennis conaisseurs , born of an union btw a French woman and 1 father from Cameroon...Yannick always represented w/his infectous smile, his thirst for winning and his generous spirit for our continent.

During his career, he was named several times team captain....due to his leadership skills and also he's just 1 of those people that "you just cannot deny" period..

After a great career in tennis , he eased his way in our hearts w/his music...I'm not saying that he's the greatest singer, but som' about him is so real that you can't help but listen and like his music in some ways..

I think for the most part, people just love his spirit, he's that symbol of success in France & in Africa. He also has a charity organisation called "Les Enfants de la terre" for
under-privilaged children...he's very active when it comes down to that..and gets celebrities to participate in charity events w/him...

He's been married couple of times to say the least...and has 4 children, his eldest

Joakim Noah is also doing the damn thang sports stylo, he's playing college basketball here in the USA and is expected to be drafted...waouh...

Another cool thang about Yannick. N is that he's very supportive of his children, he's at the most important games of his son cheering him on...

I'm def' a fan of the man...so I'll say SAGA AFRICA....LOL

Djaa les gars du Cameroun sont dans le chaud aussi:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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