Friday, April 06, 2007


****** Feelin Karolina ..mama ooo'

Miss Aissa Maiga @ a Fashion Show..

Love me some Aissa...but booboo the hair gotta go ...

That's the fro'


Aissa Maiga & Dany Glover

Dark Chocolate Stands out hun

-Beautiful dark skin,
-pretty white teeth
- big eyes
-wifey status
- great spirit
-captivating acting game
-movie director
-screenplay writter

Yep she's all that ..& she can def' snap her fingers ATL style ...(lol can u tell it's
Born 32 years ago in Karda town (Dakar) of a gambian mummy and of Senegalese dada, Aissa finds herself in Paris at the young age of 4 year old.

As a young adult, she choses between her studies of sociology & her passion for the performing Arts.
She's played in over 13 movies ,& directed her first movie "Il faut Quitter Bamako"in 2006..
See the deal about Aissa is that she has that "Je ne sais Quoi" that drawns people to her..a little bit a la "Angela Bassett" meets "Kerry Washington" it's that likability factor that many people lack..

in France within the Movie Industry that's known for being pretty racist...she was able to build respect & the reputation for being a hard-worker...& def competition to all the other white actresses.

What I like about her, is that she's able to switch from working w/African Directors, to French Directors like Alain Tanner....her work is International..that's the key of the game not losing one sense of Africanite (if you allow me) & letting it shine through one's work...
I hope some of you were able to se her in Bamako...right..if not gotta go check it out people..!!
Anywhoo ..I'll be sure to keep an eye on her:)

Djaa les Senegambienne/Maliennes sont dans le auch aussi hun:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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