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*****Feelin 'Tasia new cd very..very peace & romantic

Dominique Sopo

Even u speak spanish or not , the message is clear as water

1 ad for a concert w/famous french artists of # origins

The ad says..we all love the same country...FRANCE!

Let me start of by a vain coment...(brotha is fine)..hey it's my bloggie I can say whatever I want..:)
Now that we agreed on that..let's get to the bone of this story!

So Mr Sopo was born 31 years ago in France from the union of a french mama and a Togolese dada, during his father time ..discriminations were ******* prevalent in a French society who barely tolerate Immigrants.

Young Dominique was born in a middle class society, and was a pretty good student who went out to study Political Sciences and Economie at some of the most prestigious schools in Paris..pretty normal life..sure he had here and there little racist incidents..but nothing out of the ordinary....

While a student slowly but surely his social insticts started kicking in and he found himself during the late nineties at the head of various unions ...until he reached his
"Social Home: SOS RACISME".

After the departure of Malek Boutih, he becomes the President of the organization
There's no need to say that it's a tough and contrevorsial position...being that he's among the lions of politics...he seems a bit favorable to Segolene R.for her candidacy to the French presidency..actually her team is very diversified....

Anywhoo when the whole scandal w/the actor Dieudonne from the French West Indies took place , he caught a lot of heat because he condemned Dieudone'actions(the actor during his show insulted Jews)

Dominique defends himself by explaining that any kind of
DISCRIMINATION IS BASICALLY DISCRIMINATION...whether it's from 1 of our own ..he feels that we should denounce it.
Anywhoo I think overall that there's a need for this organisation to exist and for postive leaders, nobdy is perfect but everybody tries.
Here's the official webbie :

Djaa we Shouldn't Accept Discrimination and We Have 2 stand up for our Rights:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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