Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Penja Green Peppers, Cameroun

Eau d'Orange, Tunisia

Gingembre Sirop, Ile Maurice

Vanilla , Madagascar

Pinneaple with Penja pepper, this seems like an interesting combination

Product from Ghana

Penja Pepper

Cocoa from Ivory Coast

Terre Exotique Gourmet Line is the vision of Erwan & Marie. This french couple lived for 5 years on a plantation in the region of Penja in Cameroun, there they fell in love with African spices, condiments , but particularly with the region's Penja pepper.
When they moved back to France they embarked in a cullinary business venture with an emphasis on African culinary particularites.
The line carries products from Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Madagascar, L'ile Maurice, Ghana, Mali, Cameroun ect, on top of African delicacies they also sell products from Guyane, Japan ect...

What I like about their line is that they understand that good food comes with great presentation.

Here's the site:

Djaa we can discover various African products presented well:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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