Sunday, October 25, 2009


How would I feel waking up and not seeing my little fulani/senegalese/malian nose, not seeing my crooked rabbit teeth, not feeling my round cheeks okay they are more than round lol I think I would be devasted..
I'm ashamed to sound so superficial but I think it would feel like a cyclone had just destroyed my little life..why am I talking like this?

I was just reading an article in the French Marie Claire Magazine about the life of Isabelle Dinoir couple years after her face transplant I was reading it heart broken, crying, and just saaaad..thinking about how it must have felt after her dog chewed part of her face while she was unconscious after taking sleeping pills
Matter of fact how do u even start to feel?ahhh...I guess that's when you find out that what really matters is your soul , the core of your being .
I am taking an interesting class aimed to young creative entrepeneurs sponsored by the British Council and one of the professor shared something that spoke volumes to me yesterday.
He told us to ask ourselves a series of questions:
Who are you really, what are your values? not your ideal values, but the person that you truly are when you go to bed at night. He also illustrated this powerful lesson by saying that if you were a thief, when you go to bed at night you know it, if you have a good soul when you go to bed you also know it.
So maybe Isabelle or whoever is going through a major or minor face or body transformation is not just that body, just those eyes, just that nose , those features we learn to live with.
And maybe..yes just that ..maybe ....maybe she became more beautiful after this incident maybe Allah for me , God for you if you are more comfortable, gave her chance to enhance 1 million times more her beauty by becoming hopeful, patient , by finding joy in the smallest things...maybe the miss universe that we are looking for each year is in Isabelle Dinoir, face redone or not...yep afterall after sharing this with you guys maybe I'm finding a bit of warrior spirit Aline Sitoe in me afterall....

Actually reading this piece made me appreciate this human shell I've been given ten times more, realize that tomorrow is not guaranteed that I better take care of, love every single feature I'm given and remenber that it's just lent to me for an unknown length of time ..

Thank you God, real talk:)


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