Sunday, October 04, 2009


A I D E -T O I , L E C I E L T' A I D E R A!

Hey guys, I miss y'all but I'm sure you understand know how life gets sometimes, I was really busy with work & almost didn't have time to blog ect but I've been discovering interesting people and things that I've been dying to share with you all

I hope life is treating you all well and that contrary to us in Senegal you are not burning with the intense heat we've been dealing with these past few weeks:)
Anywhoo I'm here to let's go:)

Yeah a girl crush and no I'm not gay; I just admire the
strength and the grace we've been blessed with:)

Felicite Wouassi a Cameroonian veteran actress is known and recognized for her role in the vintage movie "Black Mic Mac".
I've beeen wondering lately what this strong willed woman had been up to all these years. I'm really glad to see tha
t she's been busy with life: being a mother, working in various cinematographic projects that got her to be noticed by the very picky French media

The first thing that strikes you about Felicite is her intense sincerity that radiates through her bone structure, her piercing eyes, her gestural and her smile.
When you look at her you see a woman.... she's just all woman!!

In her latest movie "Aide toi et le ciel t'aidera"(2008) she embodies the struggles of an African woman living in Paris with her troubled kids and a mean husband, the movie director Francois Dupeyron pays homage to the strong African woman, your aunt, your cousin , your sister who are trying to pull it together in a country that is not theirs but theirs at the same time since that's where they are experiencing life.

Along the side of the fabulous actresses Mata Gabin and Fatou Ndiayes, she sends a message of tolerance of hope and determination to our people who are struggling to take care of their families in those social and economic conditions as an "average immigrant"
. Felicite through various interviews shares that this movie resonated so much with her as a mother first of all and an immigrant born in Cameroun, raised partly in sunny Liberia.

The difference between her and her characte
r is that she's been blessed with opportunities guided by her passion. Throughout her +20 years of career she's dived into theater (her first love) TV roles and cinema...(she's worked with these following international directors: Mathieu Kassovitz, Cheikh Oumar Cissokho, Idrissa Ouedrago) .Hoping to see more of her work in the near future..I like her!

- Interview regarding the movie
-I loved this particular interview of her by Italian TV
- An Emotional Felicite on National French TV

Djaa les gos du Cameroun sont puissanci:)
Eyeee Wayee:)


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