Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Marcus Samuelson and his model wife Maya Haile

She's breathtakingly striking

It's nice to see a man not intimidated by height difference

The Samuelssons

Both are so fashionable it seems

Chef Marcus was teaching a class at the French Culinary Institute this past week

Chef Samuelsson on the View this past september

Eco Satin Frying Pans

10 pieces stainless steel with aluminuim core

You all know cutie celebrity chef , Aquavit restaurant co-owner, food channel star, philantrophist..Mr Marcus Samuelsson.

But did you know that he also owns a cookware line, but when you come to think of it make sense, he loves food, he makes food for a living so why not sell food cookware.

His line received positive feedback from the Wall Street Journal , the Epicurious site ect...

The cookware collection is made of up superior nonstick cooking surfaces, eco satin frying pans, they are dishwasher safe...ect..seems like good stuff:)

Here's the website:

On the picture on the left featured on WWD online, he's seen with his friend Zac Posen (the designer) cooking in his apartment..(photo taken by Thomas Iannaccone)
Wishing much success:)
Djaa my Ethiopian Brothas are doing their thang:)
Eyee Wayeee:)


My Bestfriend's Little Sister(MBLS) said...

Wow his wife is gorgeous!

nneoma said...

hmmmm, in the second pic, his hands are really celebrating his wife's emmmm, boo..i mean, beauty.
anyway, can't hate, they are a gorgeous couple

cdw said...

I'm so glad to see that he is so into his culture even though he was adopted by a swedish family. It was a blessing that they nurtured him and loved him, but he never let go of his biological culture! That's fantastic!!