Tuesday, October 27, 2009


W & w Joiaillerie

W & w Joaillerie

W & w Joiallerie

W& w Joaillerie

From Wechi Wecha "classy street wear" as he prefers to describe it to high end jewelry house next to the likes of Chanel, Van Cleef & Arpels, and so many more powerful fashion and jewelry houses....

This 34 years old congolese young entrepeneur is the type of brotha who believes in the stars and live with them , for example after he quit school he worked as a pizza delivery boy, and also delivered fabric to different locations in Paris . It' s around that time that he designed his first shirt with the words "wechi wecha" which means in his native dialect: the good and the bad. It caught the attention of strangers ans friends who wanted to be "wechi wecha" out as well..thus started his first clothing venture. Herman had a vision , he had the perfect example in the line FUBU, he wanted celebs and everyday people to wear his line. As any good african he knew how to sell himself to others(you know how our brothas are) he partnered with some people in the industry which allowed him to sell his products all over france.

The clothing "thing "being crossed out of his list, Herman turned towards the high end jewelry sector, he took classes at one of the most prestigious schools to learn as much as he could, gained the respect of some his peers within the industry and opened his shop "W&w Joaillerie on Place Vendome.. What I also liked about his success story is that he never forgot his african roots, he founded a collective of talented artisans using and producing beautiful african jewelry, part of those profits

So yes Herman Mfuanani got a bit of that ego Beyonce was telling us about, but hey he worked hard to get to this point...respect and much success to him:)

You can see part of his collection here:

Djaa les gars du Congo sont trop fort:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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