Monday, October 26, 2009


Titilayo Adedokun in the italian theatrical adaptation of Aida

Love the 50's essence

She almost was crowned miss America in 1994 (second runner up), she was Miss Ohio in 1993, she sings broadway tunes, she performs operas, she sings jazz..she..she..she. .what can't this young nigerian american woman do?
I was browsing through her website listening to her, and I I loved her sound, her music was just soothing and relaxing.
It transported into my imagination, I was just "chilling"imagining myself an early evening at a nice lounge sitting at the back and listening to her...I guess that's what good music does to u..:)
Titilayo latest album is called "A child again", this is her fourth album.
Apart from her solo effort and the other albums she worked on with other collaborators, she's also done theatrical adaptation of Aida in Italy, has performed for big broadway numbers such as "Porgie & Bess", "La Boheme" around Europe and the USA.
Def' a fabulafricana:)
Djaa my Nigerian sistas sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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