Monday, October 19, 2009


Did you know that Madagascar is one the top producters of vanilla in the world?!

Leaving it's birth place of Mexico, vanilla plant was introduced to Madagascar in the nineteenth century. Vanilla is one of the most high intensive labor plant out there, and the only type of orchid with a green edible fruit. It takes for Malgachi farmers close to 5 years to see the fruits of their labor, the cultivation of vanilla plants is one of the most guarded in Madagascar, farmers have to deal with plant stealers.

Unfortunately since the late nineties, Madagascar and its bourbon vanilla lost his coveted top spot title with the cyclones destroying the plantations, farmers forced to use bad technicks thus changing the quality of its production, giving new comers like Polyniesia, Indonesia, New Guinea ect the chance to walk on their "feet".....
Madagascar's main country customers are the USA, Germany, France . These industrial countries buy the extract of vanilla for their food , dairy production as well as their industrial products, perfume, for example did you know that vanilla extract is used to improve the odor of tires ect

In order to help farmers cop with the price flop of their production, cooperatives have been set up offering these courageous cultivators loans to cover them financially .
Djaa Madagascar is in the hizzy:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)
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