Thursday, October 22, 2009


"And the Beast" courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum
check closely this painting, it's quite interesting!
"Barbie loves Ken, Ken loves Barbie" courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum
Work by Ghada Amer & Ladan Naderi courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum
On this art work both artists tried to shed light on the social consequences of terrorism attacks on the Muslim communities
Red Diagonales courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum site

Aight back to exposing us to some great African artist painters.
Ghada Amer an Egyptian born painter raised between France and the USA, is know as a multi dimensional visual media artist who's not afraid to provoke through her art work.
Some of her most recurent themes are women sexuality, desire, her personal perception of beauty, the eternal question of women submission and male domination, violence, peace..She expresses herself through painting, installations, sculptures, illustration work
What I found interesting while doing research about her work is her use of texts embroided into her paintings, how do one even starts to do that? I don't know , God's given talents I guess .
Of course her work has been exhibited at the creme of the crop of all art shows, galleries, museums ect...
Here's a video presentation of some of her work:(really interesting profile/interview)
Here's her profile on the Brooklyn Museum site:

Djaa our Egyptian sistas sont dedans aussi:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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