Monday, April 30, 2007


** Feelin that song he had w/Shola Ama

The kids @ the Agape Orphenage having fun

Iman & Hubby at Premiere

The kids & A Keys at the Premiere

Chilling w/A Keys again

Love the jewellry and the this woman ...!!

A. Keys dans toute sa classe

The main character Slindele..such a nice pic!

This movie/documentary was featured at the Tribeca Film Festival last week and was the Audience movie winner..and I can understand why...It's the story of orphans of

AIDS victims who live in the Agape Orphanage in South Africa. This movie follows their lives for 3 years , it follows their joy, their sadness, their passion for music that allow them to go on in their lives as young children.

Here's a passage from the main cer's blog, Slindile Moya 16 years old:
She wrote this after she saw the movie...
"I liked the movie and I am so proud of myself and the children of Agape. I enjoyed it when I was watching it. The only thing that was painful was to see the sickness of my brother. I felt so sad when I saw him on the screen because it reminds me of him so much. But I still liked the movie and it was good. When we watched it for the first time it was just me and my family and we cried a lot. But it also made us laugh a lot so I like the film for that. I am so glad that lots of people will see our story and get to know us and I hope it will be able to help other children like us. I hope that the people overseas will like it as much as we did. One of the parts that makes me most sad in the movie is to see Sifiso’s funeral. It was so sad that after I saw it again in the movie I could not even talk about it with my friends at school. It makes me so sad because I felt very bad at his funeral.
But I think its important for people to see it in the film so they know what happens and know how painful it is.One of my favourite parts of the film is when we were in New York because it made me remember how happy we were. I also like seeing my younger brother Mtho in the film because he makes me laugh.I am so proud that I am in the movie and it has given me confidence. And I think it will lead me to have a better life. I’m so excited that the children of Agape and my family are going to be seen in the world. I enjoyed the movie because it shows me that we should be proud of all that we have done and tells me how strong I am and how strong my sisters are. I was so proud of them when I saw it and I hope it will be able to help many other children who have no parents like us."

Anywhoo if you can help in any kind of way, here's the official webbie for the movie:

Oh , and another cool thing this movie will be shown on HBO...can't wait...!!

And I also would like to note the devotion of A.Keys and Bono & Iman, it's easy to see that they are not doing it for the show..rather because they want to really kudos on a great job..may Allah reward them even more...




**Love me some Lady Saw..she's crazy but she always bring it:)

My fav' singer miss Angelique Kidjoe..she will be in concert in NY on the May 15th...mark your calenders:)

Adzua Agyapon is 17 and has a gpa of 3.96 and plans on attending Yale Univ' not bad hun:)

Boris & his cute kids Sophie & Nicolas:)

Elkhad is from Mauritania and is 19 & plans to study mechanical engineering...go young man:)

It's always a pleasure to see our African peeps rep' in American media....!!

This time , Boris Kodjoe was the face of this issue w/his beautiful baby boy Nicholas, Essence was celebrating great fathers, and from the look of things he seems to be in love w/family life..wonderful, my gal Angelique Kidjoe who has a new album in works was featured and last but not least two young high school students from African orignis who are feautured as leaders of the futur...great!!

Djaa we African People have great things to offer the world:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

Thursday, April 26, 2007


*** Feelin "All my life..."

u better have 1 nice back 2 rock this dress:)

Very Simple & so elegant:)

I know some of the ladizz that come on my bloggie appreciate this feature...the girly in all of us love the "happily ever after fantasy" here are some nice wedding webbies I stumbled my Naja people...they sure are on the roll...when it comes down to this.....

Let's Go: (my fav' wedding webbie design..very original...) (cute & funky little couple) (i love their webbie design.. a bit #) (simple and loving young couple) (I love their honeymoon pics) (1 of the cutest couple 2 me ) (nice balance btw spunk and calm) (1 of my fav' wedding webbie ..lovely wedding)

That's it for now...hopefully it will inspire you to believe in love or to turn your wedding preparation in a fun process...

Djaa we African People are so romantic:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


****Feelin "u can us the club..we like to feel nice"

Pretty gal!

Love the smokey eyes and the slick hair on her

Miss Aurelie

Aight here's the deal!
Aurelie is the sista who did her thang a la "American Idol" on the french version called
"Star Academie" she didn't win on that show..but she won even bigger...
Her career took off in a different direction, but she still gets to perform...

The 31 year old is now a very popular VJ on Fun TV, she has 1 show on which she usually focuses on 1 artist out plenty of juicy details on the artist ..etc.

Aurelie is half French & Guinean...she grew up in france where she resides now.

After Star Academie, the very girly girl Aurelie went on to star on a musical comedy which was not very successfully commercially but critically acclaimed...

She is working on an R& B & Soul album @ the moment...and is doin her thang on T.V

Very smart sista...hey sometimes u gotta do what u gotta do...not just be happy about being recognized on the have to "stay on the grind" and go for IT ALL....

For more info:

Djaa our Guinean Sistas are Multi-talented:)
Eyee Wayee:)


**** Feelin love me some Monique Seka


Ohhh how sweet....good ol boy w/1 bow

he's a gap boy

Afrikan brotha

Challenging my boy Andre from Outkast w/the colors


So 5th Avenue

If anybody knows for sure , please let me know what country he's from for shizzy...!!
I'm gonna guess East Africa but waiting for confirmation....!!
Anywhoo African Brothas are Fineeee as Wine:)
Eyee Wayee:)


*** Feelin their new track w/Akon
"I try so hard"....

The Designer Cheikh Diallo

Lovely tables

So Posh


Cheikh Diallo is a designer from Mali who lives for the most part in France.

He was as of last year the President of the Association that regroups African interior designers,to that effect he was in DKR last year for the Art Biennale (which must have been trully interesting)....
Anywhoo he stresses the need of education for a designer, in his opinion making 1 or 2 pieces isn't enuff for someone 2 call himself a designer.

He's not necessarly a fan of the term "african designer" because he feels that in some ways it puts the artist in a box...he's proud of his origins and uses its influence greatly in his work...

He wishes interior design was taken more seriously in academically in Africa ....

Anywhoo enjoy couple pictures of his projects:
Djaaa les Maliens sont wraiment dans le chaud:)
Eyee Wayee:)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


****** Feelin Olivier N'goma the Zoukeur de l'Afrique

Yeah bb..player..player

Okay...Okay Ovie.....:)

Sanaa...his boo??!!!:)

Nice glasses bro'

Nice pause !!

'Xuse Me Sir Who It Be: Ovie Mughelli
'Xuse Me Sir Where are u reppin: Naja baby
'Xuse Me Sir How Old Is You: 27...he's
'Xuse Me Sir What do u do anyways: Professional Football Player baby with the Atlanta Falcons
'Xuse Me Sir wuzz upp w/ur $$$: Well based on my 6 year contract..let's say I make a lil $18 million & $5 million bonus...yeah I get
'Xuse Me Sir what would you done if u were not NFL hottie: A doctor, he was getting ready to go to Med' school before he got recruited.

His webbie:

Djaa Nigerian Brothas can be Fine & Successful:)
Eyee Wayee:)


******** Feelin Kem , this cd is a classic

Ingrid with her son

Didn't I tell y'all that she was fierce

Video Doc'

One of her audio-video project

The use of the body in her work

WOW is the word I'm left with after learning more about this Kenyan photographer...quite interesting body of work I have to say. She was born in Kenya, of a German mama & a Kenyan father, she grew up in her daddy's land before moving to her mother's country.

She started exposing her work at the age of 23, her themes center around racism, discrimination, her anger in front of violence, her mixed heritage...

She uses her own body to give her messages, various body parts , abstract images....

She expresses the difficulties that come from being of mixed heritage, the racism that women like her face in Europe.
Her work includes video documentaries, photographs, sound installations...
it's funny but the image I'm left after seeing her work is of 1 rebel's loud but at the same time to me feels like a silent movie..hun..I don't know just my impression...

Her resume is crazyyyyyy..this woman is a hard worker..

She was a professor @ the Art Academy of Johannes Gutenberg...not quite sure if she's still teaching there as of now..

If you would like 2 see more of her work, here's her webbie:

Djaa Kenyan Women are Fierce:)
Eyee Wayee:)