Saturday, December 29, 2007


She was born in South Africa in1974 and started her career as a TV personality, w/her background in dance , theater she progressed surely to acting...

She's loved by South African soap addicts for her long stay w/the soap Generations...oh and she may seem familiar to some of you for her role in
"Hotel Rwanda" (I'm gonna have 2 see this movie again to see miss Rosie in action), she has also appeared in several theatrical productions...matter of fact for those of u living in the UK u may be able to see her in the play
"THE TRUTH"..miss Motone also took part in the femininst play
"The Vagina Monologue" ..I hope that 1 day i'll be blessed to see this play....I've heard so much about it, if any of you have seen it , please share your impressions:)

Rosie also played in the UK production "Wild at Heart"which was set to air at the end of this i'm gonna guess that it did already....
Miss Motene is recognized as a fierce fashionista, winning several style awards and gracing the covers of SA fashion mags, being the host and the face of Ugandan, S /African shows, hair products...ect..

U know that to me unless a celeb uses its status to help promote a cause I ain't (yes I said I ain't sorry grammar fanatics) I was impressed to know that she's been active in the fight towards domestic abuse...
take this on her webbie (i guess it really works 2 use som' who's famous 2 fight a social issue) she created a small non profit counseling service in SA...for those of u interested, here's the contact info:
GREATER NELSPRUIT RAPE INTERVENTION PROJECT (GRIP)46 Anderson StreetNelspruit PO Box 12197SteiltesNelspruit 1200Tel: (013) 752-5993 Fax: (013) 752-5993 E-mail:

Here's her official webbie:

Djaaa my South African ladies be doin' it hun:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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