Monday, December 24, 2007


Boy meets Womanhood dans l'elegance

Love the boyish look on the kidish ride!

1 Dark chocolate angel at the piano!

What u know about Senegalese women brotha?!!

Yep la Diallo meme!

I think that her hair has grown since then..but just for memory sake!

Of course for my first post gotta rep for Karda-Dakar Senegal my hometown since that's where I am at ...I think I owe it to people who keep asking me how do I feel now that I moved back, some of y'all may still be abroad pursuing your goals whatever they may be :professional, academic or personal..

I gotta say that for me my first week was tough emotionally I've lived hapilly and unhapilly in America for a long time so being back in African societty was really challenging..i wasn't used anymore to the society protocole I would say fully realising that I took this decision to be So here I am in an economic and political climate that is not his best, a political regima that is leaving its people unsatisfied, its youth -hungry, angry,disapointed,worried at the verge of taking the streets.

Yo the $$ ain't nothing anymore ;it's aproximate value is of: 400-440 CFA ...u do the maths.

What I was impressed w/was the work that is being done on the roads, they are heavilly working on them but the thing is that they tried to do too much at the same time which is for me coming in ..i'm like yeah....but people here are suspicious mad as hell at the jams...ect...ect..
For now I'm observing, listening, discovering my town...trying to stay enthusiastic and not lose my "ride or die mentality " u know..

So going back to Miss Rama Diallo , this beautiful Senegalese young lady won a couple of years ago the coveted title of Miss 2001 ..waouh years really do fly by ...I was in college at the time and everyone within the Senegalese community was thrilled that thia humble, elegant woman was recognised for her beauty, the fairy tale started , the sista was signed to Elite..from what I understood things didn't end up working out..whatever the case she's singled w/Max Models from SA a great modeling agency for women & men of African origins..

So here it for u sis...we didn't forget you.

Keep doin u Miss Rama Diallo w/ur beautiful self...:)
Here's the official webbie for the Nokia Face of Africa contest:

Here's 1 video featuring the contest:

Djaa les gos Diallo du Senegal sont more fiyaaa:)
Eyee Wayeee:)


Anonymous said...

she is in harlem doing braids..

Bold&Brazen said...

Yeah, but she's still beautiful and doing side work. Please don't try to knock my friend, because I wonder what you are doing...

Miss Dee from D.C.

Anonymous said...

No she is not in Harlem doing braids hater! When you don't know, just shut your mouth.