Saturday, December 29, 2007


Aight I know it may seem weird that I chose to talk abt this cartoon on my blog, but no so much when I say that the scene is quite the regular urban scene of Paris,London, or NY in the sense that it regroups all ethnicites...mostly in the case of Paris where in the urban scene you find quite a lot of french African young peeps from North, West, Central and even South Africa..when I think of the musical scene of Paris I think Congo w/Passi, Fred and Omar reppin for Senegal,Djamel from Marocco..ect ....just to say that u can't think urban without thinking Afirika..

Going back to les Lascars it's quite a funny satire , looooves it...

It was about time that a major french chanel makes room for urban life

good or's still a place where people need to be recognized w/their problems and hope...

So kudos to its creators, Boris and Alexis Dolivet.

Here's a little clip :

Another episode that cracked me up:

Here's Canal Plus Official webbie :

Djaa sometimes we gotta laugh abt ourselves, while still trying to solve our social problems:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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