Thursday, December 06, 2007


Even her name Malia sounds like a star...Malia was born 29 years ago in Malawi (where are my Malawi people) 2 an English daddy and 1 mother from u guess where..Malawi of course.

When she was a little girl she moved w/her fam' to England,but years later her parents's relationship fizzled..of course as any child dealing w/parent's was a bit tough for her..right:(

2 make a living before singing fulltime Malia was a waitress, after she met French producer Andre Manoukian..her musical light started shining album after album..

She's honest enough to admit that gaining people's hearts or even finding her own musical identity wasn't easy ..but here she is 3 albums later.. a strong jazzy vocalist a la Nina Simone, Sara Vaughn but still an African queen.

She visited not too long ago her native Malawi and was left w/a greater apreciation of her maternal culture..

Her webbie is:

Here's a little video clip about her and her Art:

Djaa la go Malia du Malawi est dans le chaud:)

Eyee Wayeee:)

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