Thursday, December 06, 2007


The King Alphadi from Niger , father of this Festival Momo reppin traditionally for Ivory Coast

Gavin Rajah for South Africa Ayissi for Cameroun and guess who this is miss Kinee Diouf

Colle Ardo Sow for Senegal

Korotomi for Burkina Fasso at the FIMA

Peptita D for Abidjan c'est gate!

Pradeau reppin for Paris la France touaregement!

South African Sun Goddess..1 of my fav' fashion hizzy Xuli Bet for Mali

K.Tassi at the FIMA for Marocco

So the FIMA took place last November, the "fashion baby" of Alphadi the notorious designer from Niger.I've heard, read great things about this festival over the years, it's a great magical meeting for all our fabulous African designers kinda like an African Fashion week without any discrimination btw East, West, South , North and they sometimes invite foreign designers w/a great interest in Africa to the festival.

I heard that this year's event went awesome, w/Alphadi, Haif, Ayissi, Colle Ardo,the lovely Gavin Rajah** ..and many many more.

The other cool thing this year is that they added a Hip Hop Festival; the FIMA is conscious of the influence of that form of art on the youth..and wanted to give them a musical rite.

Anywhoo here's the official webbie:

Djaa le Niger etait en fete:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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All I have to say is FIERCE FIERCE FIERCE!!!!!