Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Saba was born in Mogadishu beautiful Somalia land of my lovely friend Samia. So Saba is half Italian on her daddy's side and Somalian on her mum's side. Being that her father's origins remind people of the time of colonization by Italian, they were being socially pressured to leave ,which they did..moved to Italy. But Saba never forgot her culture made it a point to learn her African language and 2 cherish her culture through her music.

Here she is holding fiercely the musical flag of her land, proudly singing the sorrows of her people, through the sounds of the kora, djembe the pretty lady w/the heavy curls embarks us our souls on a journey- destination Somalialand.

I love the symbolic behind the title of her album Jidka, the word itself means "line" so to her is that line on the belly which symbolises the union of the 2 cultures of her parents...interesting nonnnn

Here's 1 video clip:

Djaa Saba is reppin for Somalia all day bebe:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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