Thursday, December 06, 2007


Didn't know him, but it feels like I have , hearing his name on the radio at all time, hearing other young people from D-block talking about attending one of his events, I can't help but be really saddened by his death.
The only thing that makes me feel less sad is 2 know that he lived his life fully, his passion was music and uplifting the youth. Allah , God knows best and I know that Makhtar who was 38 years old has done that , is doing that and will keep doing that.
He has inspired young people who may have not have an outlet on the regular
to dream big, to know that there's something out there for them, and I know that they will never forget him.During his career he has brought french Senegalese artists such as Booba to DKR, bringing him closer to his roots in order to raise funds for the non-profit "L'empire des Enfants".
He has also been the faithful dj of the group of Daraa J who I know must be in deep mourning.
Le journal L'observateur reports that his neighborhood of La Medina was full of people, celebs and non celebs who wanted to come pay him and his family respect.
If you would like to pay him respect, share som', light a candle:
A young man by the name of Olivier Vuillerme had the wonderful idea to use Facebook as a mean to pay respect to him, if you would like to see the page , here it is:
You can also see him at the back here during a Daraa J concert:
Also for those of u who will be in Karda on January 3rd 2008, an event is organized to reme
nber him, refer yourselves to that facebook page for more details.
Life is short people, let's take example on Makhtar Diop and live it well!!
Eyee Wayee!!

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