Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Gorgeous rite..:)

See we can be sexy as hell and still know where we come from

We can even bit a dramatic w/the black red/cornrows

yellow -for those who didn't believe that we could work it!!

We can't help it..we just have natural grace !

1 of my fav' piece, love the colors and the details on the belt

Crank that naija skirt..crank that naija skirt...uuuuuuuu..

First of all before talking about this amazing line, congrats 2 my girl Yetty who designed their funky webbie (very interactive..great)

Now let's talk about the fashion hizzy by 2 Naija friends (yep naija again..lol..the rest of Africa where are u ..they are taking over..lol) no in all seriousness it's great 2 see two young ladies passionate about fashion,
promoting African clothing and style .
Once upon a time in 2006 our 2 young ladies by the names of
Lola Abiodun & Abisoye Fowora decided to name their business after their birth stones..cute idea...:)

I went through their collections from 2006 to 2007... i see that they are innovative, love the dress ideas, skirts,
love that they dress both mamacitas & skinycitas..lol...no discrimination there

They really put a lot of thought in the details of each item, couple of pieces caught my eyes...

I love that Nigerians support each other's business and dreams, no surprise there 2 see P& R represented at weddings or local nevertheless Nigerian fashion mags...

U be the judge now:

Djaa my Naija people sont dedans meme:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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Icy said...

Muaaah Thanks for featuring my clients. YOU ROCK. Here are the images from the new collection



Talk to you soon missay :)