Friday, December 07, 2007


I know that Dakar has seen the birth of many gyms but 2 me the Olympic stays the reference, and the Dakarois reference in general I believe when it comes down to tennis.
Born under the great management of the now deceased Camarade Berthe (I still have great memories of this great man , que la terre lui soit legere) this gym is ever evolving.
As we all know not too many Senegalese companies are e-represented.
I know my Senegalese I'm calling y'all have all stopped by that gym, either to take a look at what's out there..meaning the ladies..and yes the women are guilty of it my case I plead the
Non but seriously, ever since I can remember this gigantic gym, and I know that since I've been
to Karda the size has increased offers despite the "not too cheap prices" great classes:

Spinning (hello..spinning ..I won't miss my membership to the Health Racket Club..especially the fees )
-Basketball courts

-Massage Therapy
-Weight Training

They also offer theater ateliers, where are the Senegalese kids on the pics, parents open your children to new things..I know it's expensive...
but better help ur children education than go buy expensive clothing items..
The Fitness Monthly fee is of 18000CFA =40 $ (not so cheapp but hey life is a
The Member card for swimming, fitness, tennis for 6 months ain't cheap though
: $ 241000 CFA
Anyhoo u pay for what u get rite...more to follow about them
Here's the site:
Djaa we gotta take care of our bodies:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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