Saturday, December 29, 2007


La grande go waye; Miss Isha Sesay!!

Go Isha w/ur beautifulyet serious face!

Doin' red very well sista!

*This 1 is for you Miss Seneya, thank you for making me discover the world of this young lady, reppin' for us brainy/ fashion:)

Ok so from what I gather Miss Isha Sesay was born in the UK and as it's the case in most of immigrant families moved for a while to Africa -Sierra Leone before going back at the age of 16 to UK. I'm sure that this gave her a good and needed African foundation...anywhoo she studied English at Trinity College.

After the obtention of her degree she humbly took a non paid internship w/the BBC talk show Kilroy (very smart move) and quickly became a part of the team as a paid employee..

From that point on started a diversified and I'm sure wonderful career w/her working at various stations and different positions.. One of those jobs that made her a household name in the world of news was her job as presenter on

"Good Morning Sports Fans for Sky Sports" , she did this for 3 years and met some interesting peeps such as the members of the Arsenal soccer team( u know my UK peeps and their soccer..don't need to draw u 1 pic I'm sure)

Isha progressed later on to anchor at ITV1 w/the morning show
"Early Morning News "....
Today she's working as a CNN news anchor(since 2005); not bad for a young lady that started as an non-paid intern...this is a great example of steady , slow but sure success.....

Sometimes we look at young beautiful women who are good at what they do and don't realise that it took work, sacrifice and determination to get there, just like any other person Isha had to ,has to and will have to deal w/challenges; she lost her dad at a fairly young age , her and the rest of her family had 2 adjust w/the handicap of her sister, her mother's positive involvment w/politics but still dangerous..u know how it is w/corruption in our African countries...ect...

But Isha is here following her passion and I say you go gal!!!

And missy also reports on some important issues:
electoral votes in Kossovo, The Hajj Pligrimage,ect...she's about business!!

Here's 1 clip:

Here's her profile on CNN:

Djaa my ladies from Sierra Leone are more fiyaaa:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


KreativeMix said...

I love her!! We were neighbors in freetown :-)

Choco Congo Lait said...

Elle est trop fraiche!!!

Choco Congo Lait said...

Ahh, cest vrai elle est vraiment trop fraiche!!!
god bless Sierra Leone!!

Anonymous said...

hey sista i am happy for u! you are a good kid for ur mom. i love watching cnn because of u! cause u re a sierra leonean like me!
love u lots, keep it up, u re brilliant